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Fun Things To Do In Louisville

louisville kentucky at night Whenever Louisville, KY is mentioned the first things that come to mind are the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). The city was made famous by these names, and although horse racing and eating tons of fried chicken may be fun, these are not the only fun things to do in Louisville. There is a lot of other exciting and fun filled activities that you can do in and around Louisville, KY.  

A walk in the park

There are over 100 parks in the city offering various amenities such as theater, meeting places, golf, sprayground, playground, picnic place, hiking, biking, etc. Although some of the amenities have fees, entrance to the main park is normally free of charge. If you are on a limited budget, you can go hiking at Iroquois Park. Hiking can also be a good exercise if you do not have the budget to go the gym. The park has an amphitheater where you can sometimes watch free movies and a sprayground that both kids and adults can enjoy. Other amenities include biking, fishing, and sports activities like archery, golf, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. Another park that offers similar activities is Cherokee Park. The added attraction of the park is the snow sledding activity during winter.  

Artistically Inclined

If art is your thing, you can visit the Speed Museum and have fun looking at their collection. You can also shop at the Museum Store and Dine at the Speed Café. Your family can bond together at the Side by Side studio, creating arts and crafts together. Adults wishing to explore their inner emotions can also enroll in their Adult Intuitive Painting.  

Bring back the child in you

A visit at Schimpff’s Confectionery a close staple near Louisville will surely bring back the child in you. Enjoy a delightful treat of lunch and sweet confectioneries that you love since childhood. Your kids will enjoy a viewing in their Candy Museum and their live candy-making demonstration. If the sweet concoction is not for your palate, enjoy frolicking on the sprayground at Long Run Park.   There are tons of other fun things to do in Louisville and a lot of them you can enjoy free or for a minimal fee. Remember, it is not just the place that makes the things you do fun, doing things with people you love can make it doubly fun.