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04 Jul 2016

Choosing A Carpet Cleaner in Louisville

Here at A-1 Kwik Dry, our main goals for 2016 has been to not only give you the best service possible, the best level of clean possible, but also to educate our clients as much as possible as well. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working for so many wonderful people. We truly appreciate you supporting our small family owned business which in turn helps the Louisville KY community. As time has went on we’ve heard some horror stories from new clients about their past experiences with other companies. We want to take this time to educate you on what to look for when choosing a carpet cleaner in Louisville KY.

  1. Logos & Uniforms – Althought this may seem simple but does the company you’ve choosen have a logo’d truck or van? We believe this very important so that you know who is arriving in your driveway – and ultimately in your home. Each of our staff will always arrive in a clean and properly logo’d truck or van. We will also be uniformed and we’ll greet you with a smile on our face. It is truly a pleasure to serve each and every one of you.
  2. A Guarantee – Does the carpet cleaner in Louisville you’ve hired have a guarantee and will they stand behind their work? We hit the mark 98% of the time but there have been the occasional times where we have needed to clean an area again or take another look at a stubborn spot. If for some reason you have an issue, please call us so that we can come out and look at and resolve the problem the best that we can. We stand behind our work and we really want you to be thrilled.
  3. Pushy Sales Tactics –  We will admit, we’re not the cheapest carpet cleaner in Louisville, but we’re sure we’re not the most expensive either. You’ll never get any high pressure sales tactics from us. If we notice that a piece of upholstery or your tile and grout floor could use a freshening up. We may give a simple recommendation and even be happy to give you an estimate to clean it at a later day that best suites you. If you want us to clean it the same day we’ll be more than happy to do that too. Remember, we want to educate you and we want your home or business to be clean and pleasurable to be in. If we can help you achieve that with our services we believe it would be a disservice to not educate you or provide that service for you.
  4. Bait & Switch – We consider ourselves an all inclusive company. What we mean by that is, we do not charge extra for pre-spraying our cleaning solution and we don’t charge extra for most spotting issues. For pet urine and odor and some spots such as multiple red dye stains, we may have to charge a little extra for those types of spots. Our cleaning solution removes 90% of the spots and soils that we encounter on a day to day basis. What we mean is, you won’t experience any bait and switch tactics from us. If you have a unique situation we’ll let you know ahead of time before we begin. There are carpet cleaning companies that will advertise a low price and then when they arrive they charge you for additional steps. We believe in providing a superior level of clean for all of our clients. The only extra charges you will experience from us are for additional services such as additional rooms, entry rugs, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning, and carpet protector application.
  5. Reviews & Testimonials – Does the company you’ve chosen have good reviews and testimonials? Click here to read our reviews and testimonials.
  6. Nice People – Is the staff friendly? Do they take the time to answer your questions? We promise to answer all of your questions and do whatever it takes to give you the best experience so that we can earn your repeat business and we hope you’ll refer us to your family and friends. We’ve been around the Louisville community for a long time now and we plan on keeping it that way.
26 Mar 2016
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Carpet Maintenance Tips

Carpet manufacturers recommend you have your carpet cleaned every 12-18 months to keep up with appearance and warranties. If your carpet receives a lot of traffic more frequent carpet cleaning may be needed. We are constantly asked what things can be done in between professional cleanings to keep the carpet in great shape.

Step 1

The easiest home maintenance action you can perform is vacuuming. Regular vacuuming will keep the carpet pile lifted to help from crushing and matting as well as remove dry soil particulate that is damaging to the carpet fibers. If you have a family of five we recommend you vacuum common areas at least every other day, if not every day. Bedrooms and less used areas can be vacuumed less frequently, but don’t forget to make a pass or two into your walk-in closets as well.

What vacuum is best ?

When purchasing a vacuum you want one that has a good beater bar, and has the ability to adjust its height based on the different pile heights. You want the beater bar to have some aggression to dig the fine particulate out, but you don’t want it to be digging too hard and damage the carpet. You will have to test different settings to find the happy medium. Some vacuums perform better than others, that is absolutely true, however the important thing to remember is to actually perform the vacuuming. For clients that have a budget using a less expensive vacuum more often will give similar results as a more expensive unit used less often. We recommend you don’t rely on a more powerful unit to vacuum less often because once the damage to the fiber is done, it cannot be reversed!

Dribbles, spots and spills OH MY!

Our most asked question is what to use when we have a dribble, spot, or spill. The answer is simple…

If you spill a liquid you want to BLOT BLOT BLOT, DO NOT RUB!

Using absorbent clean white terry towels soak up as much of the liquid as you possibly can. A lot of times this can actually solve the problem, and no cleaning solutions are needed.

For things such as pet urine, absorbing as much of the urine as possible is critical. When urine first comes out it is at a neutral pH, and as it dries it quickly turns alkaline. Once it turns alkaline it makes it harder to remove, and the smell tends to get stronger as well. After absorbing as much of it as possible spraying it moderately with a white vinegar solution(1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water) will help keep the urine closer to a neutral pH. Following the application of the solution, take a clean dry terry towel, and place something heavy on the spot. If the spot is wider, more terry towels may be needed. Placing something heavy on the spot will compress the carpet and pad, and allow the urine to wick into the towel. A lot of times this will also help prevent a spot from appearing after drying. Leave the compressed towel(s) on the area for several hours for best results. This can also be done for common spills and dribbles.

These spotting tips may not work 100%, but they will allow us to remove them easier with a higher rate of success when it comes time for professional cleaning. We do offer same day service for emergency spills. Things such as koolaid, and other liquids with dyes you should call us right away to treat as they will set quickly, and the chance of successful removal lessens.