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A-1 Kwik Dry - Best Carpet Cleaners in Elizabethtown KY

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A Carpet Cleaning Like No Other


  • The best in low moisture cleaning available
  • Product is safe, non-toxic, pet, baby and family safe
  • Also Non-flammable & biodegradable
  • Fast dry time in around 1-2 hours
  • Carpets left soft and clean to the touch
  • No sticky, oily residue to cause rapid re-soiling

We use advanced low moisture cleaning technology along with environmentally safe cleaning solutions to remove dust, dirt and allergens from the carpet. The machine features an oscillating pad system which uses very little moisture and cleans the fibers down to the nap to remove soiling. We're confident that our method cleans better, dries faster and stays clean longer.

There are no hoses for family guests and employees to trip over. It leaves the carpet nearly dry  and ready for use shortly after we leave.

If the Historical Society in the Old Kentucky Capital Building can trust this method of cleaning their fine wools then you can trust it to clean your carpets. We firmly believe are the best carpet cleaners in Elizabethtown KY.

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